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Hey, guys. Aha,  sorry I’ve not updated in months. idk, school was making me so busy so I didn’t have time to check out the latest anime and blog about it. I want to come back and blog more but I don’t know what to talk/type about. Probably anime but I also want to talk about cutesy clothes… maybe.

I’m going to be getting a laptop soon (for my birthday) so I don’t have to use the home computer anymore. I’ll start blogging again soon, as long as I don’t get sucked into something else. I usually spend most of my time on tumblr.

I also edited my theme. I learned how to make gifs and it’s not that hard, actually.

This has been a useless post. Thanks for reading~ x

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アルカナ・ファミリア -La storia della Arcana Famiglia- Episode 1 – FI

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There will be so many yaoi fanarts around Danbooru… Give it a week.

Hey you guys. I haven’t done a post in so long. I wasn’t really that sure to start this since most Otome games turned into anime are sorta of… bland since the main female character is useless/annoying/blank/etc. But this first episode was pretty good. And Felicità wasn’t that bad compared to a lot of Reverse Harem F-MC. So here’s my first impression of Arcana Famiglia.

“The Night of The Birthday”
“La notte del compleanno”

Summary of the Main Story:-

The story takes place on the small island of Regalo in the Mediterranean Sea. The island has been protected by a vigilante committee called “Arcana Famiglia”. The members of the family have psychic powers gained by a secret ritual.

Felicita (Feli-shi-ta) is a 16-year-old girl who was raised by her strict mother. She visits Regalo to see her father who is the head of Arcana Famiglia. He tells her to become the leader of “Serie of Sword”, the arbitrator section of the family.

As one of the members of Arcana Famiglia, Felicita interacts with other handsome but eccentric members.

Felicita’s father is the one called ‘Papa’. Felicita ‘s father is getting old so he proposes the idea of someone to take his place. So he creates Arcana Duello. A fight where all the people with Arcana powers fight to see who has the strongest Arcana power. The winner will be given the title, ‘Papa’ and a wish.

Oh and yeah, the winner will also get to marry his daughter, Felicita.

One question about her outfit. Who wear a corset OUTSIDE of the clothes?

Liberta or Nova. One of these two, I’m assuming may end up with Felicita.

On each character (you know since this is a Reverse Harem)

Felicita: She’s a weird character for me. She’s a slight tsundere, but she’s very stoic. At least she’s not the ‘weak’ type but against her father she fails. I hope we can see some awesome ass-kicking from her in the future episodes. She’s voiced by Noto Mamiko, the voice actress for Enma Ai -Hell Girl- (Jigoku Shoujo), Kotomi Ichinose (Clannad), Rin (Inuyasha) and a whole more of cute/creepy/not-giving-fucks sounding characters. Her voice was a little un-emotional at some times but I don’t know, I like it. Her Arcana is ‘Lovers’. It let’s her read other people’s hearts.
Nova: A classic blunt character. He reminds me of Ciel from Kuroshitsuji a lot. I was half-expecting Sebastian to come on screen and start serving people cake. His Arcana is ‘Death’. The way he’s going, I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a tragic back-story.
Liberta: The blonde, reckless, cliche character who doesn’t care for ‘rules’ and does things his way. His Arcana ‘Fool’ fits his personality. I’ve seen quite a few characters like him in a lot of anime. His voice actor, Fukuyama Jun, is one of my favorite J-VA’s. So I was happy when I heard he was voicing Liberta. And oh, look, this guy’s voice is also Grelle Sutcliffe from Kuro. Fukuyama-san has also voiced Vincent Nightray (Pandora Hearts), Nura Rikuo *my favorite bi-shounen* (Nurarihyon no Mago), Atsushi Shimao from the new (Natsuyuki Rendezvous) and he’s also done quite a few yaoi/shounen-ai. So I really can’t listen to him here before getting reminded of Grelle, Ayase (Okane Ga Nai) getting fucked, and Lelouch.

Luka: Ah Luka. He’s already my favorite character. He’s Felicita’s butler. I’m shipping him and Felicita most at the moment. But I doubt he’ll get her. He’s also very bad-ass when he needs to be. Thanks to his voice actor, Nakamura Yuuichi, I can’t think of anything but Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail) and Hatori Yoshiyuki (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi). And being reminded of Hatori really sucks since I hate his face. Nakamura-san is also voicing Hazuki Ryuusuke from Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

Debito: The character who takes pleasure in fighting. Really don’t know much about him but he interests me. He calls Felicita, ‘Bambina’. I remember when my mother forced me to learn Italian (I quit in a week so I know and remember nothing. Well except from this..) that Bambina mean’s small/little girl. What I’m quietly fangirling about is Debito’s VA, Yoshino Hiroyuki, has also voiced Kimblee (Full Metal Alcemist). I love it. His Arcana is the Hermit. He can become invisible.
Dante: He’s the responsible bald guy and I love him. It really killes me though, learning that his VA, Kosugi Jurota, voiced Somuku Kanou (Okane Ga Nai). /shudders
Pace: The happy-go-lucky character. He’s a glutton. He really loves Lasagna. I don’t blame him though. He really reminds me of Italy from Hetalia. His VA, Sugita Tomokazu, has also voiced Kyon (Haruhi) and Chiga Yasuhiro (SeitoKaichou ni Chuukoku). His Arcana is ‘Strength’.
Jolly: Jolly is the last here. He’s probably the strongest of all of them. He’s an absolute bad-ass, especially with those sunglasses. I suppose he’s the oldest. I want him to win though. I guess he can read mind’s and stuff.

Now this anime hasn’t really caught my attention. But I really do love Luka and I want to know who ends up with Felicita so I’ll keep watching. Even though I’m a yaoi/BL fangirl, I’m glad there is no BL fanservice (At least not yet…). But the thought of Dante, who is also Kanou, and Liberta, who is also Ayase, fills my mind with SOOO many disturbing images of them together. Gah.

The art is pretty good. Filled with Bi-shounens so I’m pretty happy. The fight scenes were okay.

The Openings (Magenta Another Sky) art is pretty good. The song isn’t really catchy at first but I’m pretty sure by next week I’ll have downloaded it. The Ending song just has the Otome feel to it. Still gonna download it later though.

I should really download this game later so I can ship Luka/Felicita if it doesn’t happen by the end of the anime. I will now await for the Liberta/Nova doujins and mature fanfiction. I bet someone is already making them while I type.

Rating: 7/10.


May 23, 2012 2 comments

Hey Guys. I’m so sorry that I left so suddenly. I was busy with school and work and some family problems. It’s all okay and Im gonna start blogging again in June along with all the new anime’s. Here is the list of the new shows I may blog. (here)

Im really excited for Hakuoki Reimeiroku. It being one of my favorite Otome game, and all. Anyway, I’ll be back to blog real soon and I didn’t quit, just so you know.

Again, I might as well put this out, I’m a Fangirl. If I like something or ship something, I may fangirl about it.  But I don’t go out of my way. I’m not a weaboo so they won’t be any ‘kawaii’ or ‘desu’ or ‘baka’ in my posts. Though I may do a ‘kyaaa’. Also I may also post about yaoi/BL. So yeah, warning there.

As they say, if you haven’t blogged about gay porn you fail at blogging. So yeah, see you guys in June!

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Another Episode 5 – The non-existing lifes of Mei and Koichi

February 7, 2012 3 comments

「Build limbs」
Kakusan」 (拡散)
How does it feel not existing?

Synopsis &Thoughts:

This episode finally explains the story. Not well detailed but enough for a good idea. The episode starts with a replay of Mizuno’s death. Koichi ditches the art class and goes to the library for research and he find his mothers old class school photo album. Then Mr.Creepy-Librarian arrives from the back of the library and says he knew Koichi’s mom back then. They discuss about Koichi’s mom graduating in 1972 and how she died giving birth to Koichi. Then Izumi, the tsundere, interrupts them and says the cops are here to question him on Mizuno’s death. Outside she apologizes and says what she’s doing is for all of us.

After the no-one-cares-about-the-cops-it-was-a-ghost-not-an-error scene, Koichi goes back to his classroom to find it completely empty. Then a teacher tells him that the rest of the class is at a meeting and tells him not to break the rules. Koichi is about to walk out when he notices the words “Who is Dead?” on her desk.
He then asks Yūya and that one kid with that weak heart. (I can’t remember his name at all.)
Koichi asks them why everyone is acting so strange. Weak-Boy says he’s sick with Izumi’s ways so he decides to tell Koichi everything. But .. Ah yes his name was Ikuo..Anyway, he dies from a heart-attack. It wasn’t that usual death like Sakuragi and Mizuno but a normal death. But just as sinister if you think about it.

Next day at class, the teachers announces the death of Ikuo and everyone ignores him. Tenshi ignores him too but gives him a whispered “sorry”.  After class Koichi gets a letter and a class roster from Yuya.
Koichi and Mei are at the doll house again and he show her the class roster.  Seems Mei’s house is the dolls place. A normal house is right above it and that weird lady from the past episode (Not the old one, the other one) is her mom. Mei is also normal. Not that creepy quite girl but normal. I prefer this Mei type instead. Now its confusing at this part. But here goes…

Mei wasn’t dead nor did she not exist. It was just the other students that ignored her in May like Koichi here. It all started 26 years ago. After everyone is Class 3 graduated then the curse began. 1 death per month, student, relative or friend. 25 years ago, the class was short one seat. It seemed there was one “extra” student. No one knew who was the extra student. When they checked the class roster their memories were altered or something. Around April students/friends/family started to die each month.

That “extra” student is supposed to be dead but the it doesn’t know its dead. The students even changed the classroom from 3 to C hoping for peace but that failed. So 10 years ago, they came up with the idea. Ignore one person like they don’t exist so the numbers would be equal again.


Quite the confusing part at the end but I think I got it. Sort of. I love how it was fast paced and not as slow as the last episodes. Mei as normal is also something new that I like very much. The whole house above doll shop kind of sucked the creepiness of the doll house but who am I to care.
Mei stopped existing in the same year Koichi came to Class 3, so wouldn’t ignoring Koichi be for nothing? I don’t really get that.
The next episode seems like some abnormal slice-of-life anime. I really don’t mind a small part of the show Koichi x Mei but it better not the take the whole episode. 😐
Oh and isn’t this face so adorable. ♥

Misaki Mei = Whole new type of Moe

Rating: 8 out of 10.
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Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! Episode 4 – Yeah, and that was a steak…

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Wonderful Life
That weird Otaku sicko is disgusting..


The episode begins with Sora hugging Yuuta while she was sleeping. Miu makes fun of them. When Sora wakes up she hits him on the back of the neck though it wasn’t his fault at all.
When Hina begins crying when they don’t have breakfast, Yuuta runs down to the store to pick some stuff up like Yakisoba bread and stuff. Sora is concerned by all the spending he is doing for them.

Yuuta then leaves the apartment and tells the girls not to open to the door to anyone. He then see’s the rest of the Sightseeing club and the Otaku sicko, Sako, starts ranting that he’s not been coming to the SS club. He then says he smells “the scent of a young girl” like a disgusting pervert.
Yuuta asks for help from Raika who agrees and starts hitting Sako with her paper fan, giving Yuuta the opportunity to run away thinking “I can’t him run into my kids no matter what!”.

Back at home, the girls want to do something for Yuuta so they clean the house. They found dirty laundry so they go to the cleaners. They buy some cheap vegetables of the way. At home Sora starts to cook dinner but she a disaster.Then Hina starts drawing on the walls and Miu eventually joins her.
When the door bell rings they all panic causing chaos all around. Sora drops rice and gets burned, Hina starts crying and Miu hits her face. Turns it it was just a delivery guy.
They decide to give another round and start cooking again, this time Salisbury Steak. But it gets stuck to the pan and starts burning. The pan starts smoking and Miu and Sora are panicking yet again. Half of the steak goes flying into the sheet curtain. At that moment Yuuta comes back home from his double shift work, see’s them the house smoking and gets upset, but he was glad that they were safe.
The Onigiri was the only thing not burned.


It was a sweet episode. How the girls wanted to help yet they failed. I also thought it was funny when everything messed up. And that pervert otaku, is he a lolicon-pedo or something.. 0__0 Yuuta is right to keep him away, but how he referred to them as “his kids” makes me happy.  It was a slow episode, but just a glimpse of a a day.
It had an everyday life feel to it.

Raika kept her monotone voice and I hope Yuuta and Raika’s relationship develops.

Oh and the ending song is so cute. ♥ I can’t seem to stop!

Rating: 7 out of 10.
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GC Quick Opinion on 15

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

I just watched Guilty Crown Ep 15. Its one in the morning and my computer is locked so I can’t say much now buut this was awesome. I may have liked Hare but her death did it. Made Shu badass-ish.
Punched the shit out of Shouta.
Forced Inori’s void.
Shu has earned my respect in less than 5 minutes.
If Shu stays like this till the next ep, I will re-blog it.
Sorry for no caps. (on android)

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Black Rock Shooter Episode 1 – First Impression

February 4, 2012 4 comments

「How Much Louder Do I Have To Shout?」
「Ato Dore Dake Sakebeba Ii no Darō」 (あとどれだけ叫べばいいのだろう)

“Black rock Shooter and the Episode where she didn’t even have 5 minutes on screen”.


In another world, the eponymous Black Rock Shooter fights off against a mysterious red-eyed opponent. Meanwhile, in the human world, Mato Kuroi enters middle school and takes interest in her classmate, Yomi Takanashi. The two quickly become friends due to their common interest in a book from their childhood. Whilst inviting Mato to her house, Yomi becomes worried when Kagari Izuriha, a girl who doesn’t want Yomi to make other friends, shows up and acts hostile towards Mato. As Yomi becomes intimidated by Kagari, in the other world, BRS follows a green trail to a strange area, where she is attacked by a large mechanical scorpion, piloted by a girl who resembles Kagari known as Chariot. After talking with the student counsellor, Saya Irino, Mato becomes determined to be friends with Yomi and offers to take her to a festival. Meanwhile, as BRS tries to counter attack, she is bound by chains coming from a horned woman known as Dead Master. (Taken from Wiki)


I remember in 2009/2010 when I learned about BRS through the Vocaloid Song. (Since I love Vocaloid.)
I watched the original OVA movie. I prefer the movie much more.This TV version is kind of confusing. Even on artwork, since Mato was much cuter. But the action scenes are just as good. (Edited)
The plot, It really doesn’t make much sense. Though I’ll give it a chance since it only is the 1st episode. Whats going to happen in these 8 episodes, I have no idea.
And the Kagari girl is creeping me out! She is a horrible person. Lets hope Black Rock Shooter finishes Chariot off.
Yomi looks absolutely moe with glasses. She acts different from the original OVA and Kagari seems to be controlling her life in some way.
The ending song was pretty much the best scene for now. Burakku Rokku Shūtā~

Im not sure if I will review this, but I’ll first see the 2nd episode. But I will admit, it was interesting.

Rating: 6 out of 10.
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